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Red and Boyscout

A Community for Hellboy/John Myers

A Hellboy/John T. Myers Community
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Red_n_Boyscout is a community created exclusively for the pairing of Hellboy and John T Myers. Now, we know that John was only in the first movie, unfairly enough, and he was only created for the movies. Regardless, we love him and think he and Hellboy make a wonderfully cute couple.

The Rules:
- No Flaming, unless the flames are Hellfire.
- No Drama, unless in stories or art. Drama between users will result in insta-ban. And you don't want that.
- Adult Themes are tolerated and encouraged, because everyone loves Porn
- Place all long entries (Stories, Art, comments about the movies) behind LiveJournal cuts. They just look nicer.
- Do your best to keep them in character
- Threesomes are okay
- Keep OCs to a minimum

Alright, that's it. If you have any questions, please contact the Mod, Piratehatter. She is always happy to help, except when she's not.